Shoe Drying Sterilizer

Shoe Drying Sterilizer

Keeps the shoes dry and sanitary so that our feet from the fungal infection!

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Trouble with shoes

For people who love sports, the shoes are very damp after exercising, and the damp environment is very easy to breed bacteria, causing symptoms such as itchy feet, blisters, and foot odor, which brings trouble to our lives.

Sports man

For people who exercise regularly, the shoes are very damp after exercising, which is easy to breed bacteria.

sweaty feet

Some people’s feet are very prone to sweating, and the feet are generally damp, which is easy to breed bacteria.


People who are obsessed with cleanliness can dry and sterilize their shoes after wearing them, so that the shoes are very clean.

main feature

Creativity、Practicality and Aesthetics

Footcare Main Feature

Wireless Design

The wireless design makes the use unconstrained,
compact and easy to carry.

Footcare Main Feature

Clever way to use

It is like a clip caught in the shoes of the shoelaces, without contact with the soles; keep the soles empty, easy to ultraviolet radiation and air through, more conducive to disinfection and dry.

Footcare Main Feature

Sterilization rate>99.9%

Using the ozone disinfection mode, the disinfection rate of ozone is as high as 99.9%, which completely removes bacteria and ensures the cleanliness of the shoes.

Fit for different shoes

Footcare is suitable for leather shoes, sneakers, running shoes
and basketball shoes.

Leather Shoes
Skate Shoes
Running Shoes
Basketball Shoes

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Footcare has won the Industrial Design Award of China Hebei Province, the 2018 German Red Dot Award, and the 2018 German IF Award.



Shoe Drying Sterilizer–Keeps the shoes
dry andsanitary so that our feet from the
fungal infection!

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